7 Mayo and Aiolis for the Spice Lover

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Easy to Make

It only about 5 minutes to whip up a batch of homemade mayo and it can be used in so many ways.

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A Spicy Dip

Spicy mayos make an excellent dip for french fries, sweet potato fries, and other appetizers.

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 A Delicious Sauce

Spicy mayo can be used as a burger sauce, or spread on your favourite sandwiches.

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Endless flavour combinations

Fresh and spicy jalapeno.

Bold and smokey chipotle

Fragrant and flavourful curry

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Spicy Sriracha Mayo

Bold & Spicy, it has a good amount of heat from the Sriracha and is super versitile.

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Jalapeno Mayo

Spicy and full of fresh flavour from the jalapenos, lime, and cilantro.  Especially suited for dipping.

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Bang Bang Sauce

Creamy, spicy and slightly sweet.  Delicious with breaded shrimp or chicken bites!

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Curry Mayo

Creamy and mildly spicy.  This mayo is delicious on chicken burgers and as a dip for sweet potato fries.

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Spicy Chipotle Mayo

Spicy and smokey.  Use as a dip for appetizers, french fries or spread on a burger.

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Gochujang Mayo

A punch of flavour from the spicy and slightly sweet Gochujang.  This works well on asian inspired appetizers and bulgogi bowls.

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Boom Boom Sauce

Slightly sweet with just a hint of spice.  Perfect if you want some heat, but prefer a milder flavour.