Easy Rainbow Poke Cake

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Rainbow Poke Cake

A colourful cake filled with creamy vanilla pudding and topped with fluffy whipped topping. 

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Easy to Make

This pretty rainbow cake is quick and easy.  It all starts with a boxed cake mix and some instant pudding. 

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You will need:

A 9x13 cake mix, the ingredients to make it, food colouring, instant pudding, milk, and whipped topping.

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Make the batter

Prepare the batter according to package directions, divide into bowls and add desired colours.

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Bake the Cake

Drop the batter randomly in the cake pan, then bake according to package directions.

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Poke the Cake

Use the handle of a wooden spoon or wide end of a chopstick to poke holes all over the cake.

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Fill the Cake

Mix milk and instant pudding mix and pour over the cake to fill the holes.

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Frost the Cake

Mix remaining milk and pudding mix, fold in the whipped topping, then spread over the cake.

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Serve the Cake

Decorate as desired, allow to chill for 1 hour, then serve and enjoy!