Hot Chocolate Bombs


 These mocha bombs are the caffeinated version of the popular drink, perfect for adults who need the extra buzz. Made with spheres of milk and white chocolate and filled with cocoa powder and instant espresso.

Mocha Hot Chocolate Bombs

Servings :     6 cocoa bombs Time :           45 minutes Course :        Beverage

Green Curved Line

Milk chocolate

White chocolate

Sprinkles (optional)

Hot chocolate mix

Espresso powder







Melt the chocolate until smooth using a double boiler or microwave.

Melt the Chocolate

Add some milk chocolate to 6 moulds and white chocolate to the other 6.  Brush the chocolate inside the cavities to completely cover. 

Paint the silicone moulds

Let the chocolate set then fill 6 of the moulds with cocoa powder, and espresso powder.

Fill the Cocoa Bombs

Fill a mug with boiling water and place a small plate on top.  Release the empty cocoa bomb halves from the mould, heat the edge on the warm plate and press them to the filled halves.

Seal the Cocoa Bombs

Once all the cocoa bombs are sealed place them in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to set.  Then pop them out and decorate as desired. 

Chill the Cocoa Bombs

Place one mocha hot chocolate bomb in a mug.  Add 12-16 ounces of hot milk.  Let the cocoa bomb melt, stir to mix then add whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 

Make your Mocha!

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