The crantini, or cranberry martini, is a festive cocktail with a vibrant red color and a tart, but slightly sweet flavor. Made with cranberry juice, vodka, and orange liqueur, this is a balanced drink that is perfect for the holidays.

Cranberry Martini

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This cranberry martini recipe is made with five simple ingredients. With 2 ounces of alcohol per cocktail, this recipe makes 2 drinks.


Vodka Cranberry juice Orange liqueur Simple syrup Fresh or sugared cranberries

For an additional touch of elegance, add some sugared cranberries to garnish the drink. They are super easy to make!


To make the drink, just fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add the cranberry juice, simple syrup, vodka, and orange liqueur. Shake until frosty and cold. Use pure cranberry juice for the best results.

A sugared rim adds a touch of sparkle and a bit of sweetness to the martini. Before pouring the drinks, run an orange wedge around the rim and then dip it in granulated sugar.

Garnish the martini as desired with a sugared rim, a cocktail pick of fresh or sugared cranberries, and a slice of fresh orange.


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