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About me

Hello there! Welcome to Tastes of Homemade. If you are looking for delicious, easy to make recipes, you have come to the right place.

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada with my husband of 23 years, our 2 dogs, Kona and Cooper, my cat, Casper and a betta fish named Floyd (he’s pink). I love cooking, photography, coffee, and Lego.

I began cooking at a very young age. I fell in love with the creativity of making something wonderful out of a pile of ingredients. Rarely following a cookbook, I always preferred to make something that was my own. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing I love more than flipping through a beautiful cookbook, looking at all the gorgeous photos and reading about how the recipes came to be, but I really love the challenge of creating my own. I’ve been developing recipes and sharing them with friends for as long as I can remember.

All of the recipes on my site have been tested and tasted multiple times to ensure I am sharing only the best. Trust me, if a recipe isn’t great it won’t be on my site. I do my best to create recipes with simple, easy to find ingredients, and may slide in something fancier here and there. I will also share tips and tricks to make your cooking life easier. I want you to love being in the kitchen as much as I do.


For 20 years I spent day in and day out in an office job, as an insurance agent, to be exact. Let me tell you, there is nothing that can suck the life out of you like selling a product to people who absolutely do not want to buy said product. I had many roles over my 20 years, which ranged from sales agent, to manager, and even product and systems trainer, and while not all roles were terrible, it was not my dream job. Does anyone dream of selling insurance when they are young? Probably not.

For many years friends and family had been telling me that I need to do something with food. I always toyed with the idea, but never had time or energy to put the effort or focus in. Then a few years ago I found myself in a position where it was possible to leave the insurance career I was desperate to get out of.

Since then I held other jobs outside the house, but I also started spending more and more time making my dream of working with food and photography a reality. And that is where Tastes of Homemade comes in.

I wanted a way to get my recipes out to the world and I am so happy that I can finally do so.

Grab a coffee, or tea if you prefer, get comfy and take a look around. I’m sure you will find something you like and I will be adding new recipes weekly.

When you’ve tried a recipe please be sure to leave me a comment, and if there is something you’d like to see; a recipe, cooking tips, or a how-to, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.