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Air Fryer Cooking Times (Free printable chart)

Learn how to use and get the most out of your air fryer with our handy, printable cooking times chart. Print this chart and keep it on your fridge so you have an easy reference for cooking all of your favourite foods in the air fryer.

Collage of four air fried foods. Top left chicken wings, top right pork chops, bottom left croutons, bottom right baked potato.
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What Can You Air Fry?

The thing I love most about the air fryer is that almost nothing is off limits.

Air fryers are not just for french fries and chicken wings.

Anything that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked in the air fryer. It can also cook many things that you would normally cook in a frying pan or deep fryer.

We have over seventy air fryer recipes on our site, and many of our other recipes include directions for converting the recipe to the air fryer.

These little units are a great addition to the kitchen because they are super versatile, don’t take up too much space, and don’t heat up the kitchen.

Having an air fryer is exactly like having a small countertop oven. Which is great when you have multiple items to cook and are running out of room in the main oven.

Converting Oven Recipes to the Air Fryer

A few things to consider when trying to convert an oven recipe to an air fryer recipe is that air fryers cook much quicker.

Because they are a smaller unit, and because of the way they cook by circulating hot air around the food, they are more efficient. Which means there are some adjustments to make if you are going to convert a standard oven recipe to the air fryer.

The general rule I follow it to reduce the temperature by 25-30°F and reduce the time by at least 25%. All air fryers work a bit differently so it may take some time to get to know yours.

When in doubt always start with less time than you think you need as it is easy to add a couple of minutes if the food isn’t quite cooked.

For meat dishes make sure you are using an oven thermometer to test the food for doneness to be sure it is fully cooked.

Click here to download your FREE copy of Air Fryer Cooking Times
°F Version

Stack of blueberry hand pies with filling oozing out.
Air fried blueberry hand pies.

Air Fryer Cooking Tips

Pre-Heat the Air Fryer

Pre-heating isn’t always necessary, but there are many recipes where pre-heating works better.

I have found that the shorter the cook time on the recipe the more important it is to pre-heat, especially if you will be cooking multiple batches. Recipes with longer cooking times of 30 minutes or more are not generally as important to pre-heat as the cook time only changes by a minute or two.

Always follow the directions of the recipe for instructions on how long and what temperature to pre-heat the air fryer.

When testing your own recipes, pre-heating will give you the most consistent results.

Don’t Overcrowd the Basket

While it is tempting to stuff that basket to the top (and many of the advertising photos show this) it is recommended to cook most things in a single layer, or with just a bit of overlap.

Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food to cook and crisp it. If the basket is packed full the middle layer will not be exposed to the air circulation and won’t cook properly.

There are foods where this is more important than others. French fries, tater tots, snack mix and even chicken wings do ok with a bit more stacking as long as you shake the basket a few times durning the cooking process and don’t cram the basket full.

However, for things like chicken breast, steak, and pork chops you will want to cook in a single layer. This will ensure even cooking.

Shake the Basket or Turn the Food During Cooking

Even if you have the food in a single layer you will want to turn the food halfway through the cooking time. This will ensure both the top and bottom are cooked and crisp, and prevent the top from over browning.

For things like French fries, onion rings, and chicken wings you will want to remove the basket and give it a shake once or twice during the cooking process to make sure everything gets nice and crisp.

Click here to download your FREE copy of Air Fryer Cooking Times
°F Version

Cooking Times for Air Fryer Chicken

Chicken is one of our favourite things to cook in the air fryer. Not just because it’s easy, but because there are endless recipe variations and the chicken stays so juicy.

Here are a few commonly searched items. See the printable cheat sheet for a more comprehensive list of chicken options.

Boneless chicken breast380°F12-15 Minutes
Chicken drumsticks380°F23-25 Minutes
Chicken wings, drums and flats380°F22-25 Minutes

Chicken is done when a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the meat reads 165°F.

Looking for a recipe? Try our favourite garlic parmesan wings , tequila lime wings, or simple chicken drumsticks.

Garlic parmesan wing being dipped in a dish or ranch dressing.
Air fried garlic parmesan chicken wings and ranch dipping sauce.

Cooking Times for Air Fryer Beef

Beef in the air fryer is quick and easy. Cooking in far less time than the oven and resulting in tender, juicy meat.

Here are a few of the most commonly cooked items. For a more comprehensive list see the printable chart at the bottom of the page.

Beef burger patties, fresh (¼ pound)350°F8-12 Minutes
Flank steak (1.5 pounds)400°F10-12 Minutes
Meatballs (1 inch round)380°F7-10 Minutes
Sirloin steak (12 ounces)390°F9-14 Minutes

Looking for an easy beef recipe? Try our air fried hamburgers!

Cooking Times for Air Fryer Pork

One thing I make often now that I have an air fryer is pork chops. I’ve never had pork chops that stay so juicy as the ones I cook in the air fryer.

We also love using it for bacon as it is just so quick and the bacon turns out perfectly crisp while retaining a bit of it’s chew.

See the printable air fryer cheat sheet at the bottom of this page for a comprehensive list of pork cook times.

Bacon350°F8-12 Minutes
Pork chops, boneless (1 inch chops)400°F8-10 Minutes

Pork is done when a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the meat reads 145°F.

Looking for a recipe? Try our tiktok twisted bacon or our simply seasoned pork chops.

Cooked twisted bacon on a square white plate with a fork.
Air fried twisted bacon.

Click here to download your FREE copy of Air Fryer Cooking Times
°F Version

Cooking Times for Air Fryer Frozen Foods

I feel like frozen food like French fries, tater tots and onion rings were made for the air fryer.

They cook so much faster than in the oven and they are uniformly crispy, unlike cooking on a baking sheet where you generally end up with one very crispy side and one semi-crispy side.

Some frozen foods are starting to come with air fryer directions, but even if they don’t almost all of them can be converted easily.

When converting frozen foods to the air fryer you will want to use the oven directions as a guide. Then reduce the temperature by 25-30°F and reduce the time by at least 25%, for some things like thin cut french fries you may even want to start with half the recommended time and increase the time as needed.

Here are a few of our favourite frozen foods in the air fryer. For a more detailed list see the printable chart at the bottom of the page.

Chicken strips380°F12-15 Minutes
French fries, thick cut380°F12-15 Minutes
Onion rings380°F8-10 Minutes
Pizza rolls380°F7-9 Minutes
Tater tots380°F15-17 Minutes
Air fried tater tots on a white plate with a small bowl of spicy mayo.
Air fried tater tots and spicy mayo dip.

Cooking in a Dual Basket Air Fryer

While having a dual basket air fryer is great when you want to cook more than one things at a time, using both baskets at the same time can have an affect on how efficiently the air fryer works.

When both sides are being used the wattage of the unit is spread between the two sides, and an overall bigger space, reducing the efficiency.

Depending on the items you are cooking and the temperature you are cooking them at, you may find you need to add five to ten minutes extra cooking time, or increase the temperature by five or ten degrees.

Check your manual for guidance on how to adjust when using both both basket simutaniously.

When using only one side of the air fryer, cooking times and temperature should be the same as a regular single basket air fryer.

Basket Air Fryers vs Tray Air Fryers

There are a few things to consider when using an air fryer with a basket versus using an air fryer with trays.

Basket air fryers rely on a deep bowl-like basket to cook the food in; they can be round, square, or rectangle shaped. Tray style air fryers are usually shaped like a small toaster oven and will have one or multple wire trays to cook the food on.

With a basket air fryer, it is important to remember that even though they are deep, they are not meant to be filled. The depth is there to allow room for foods with more height, such as a roast, whole chicken, or cake.

You will want to cook foods such as chicken wings and french fries in shallow layers, and foods such as hamburgers and cookies in a single layer. Because there is less air flow around the bottom of the food, you will need to shake the basket or turn the food while cooking to allow for even browning.

Tray style air fryers may have a single tray or multiple trays. You lay the food in a single layer on each tray.

If using an air fryer with multiple trays, you will want to swap the trays part way through the cooking time to allow the food to cook evenly.

There may be slight differences in cooking time when using a tray style fryer versus a basket style fryer.

Printable Air Fryer Cooking Chart

Use our printable air fryer cooking cheat sheet as a handy reference to the cook times and temperature settings for common foods.

While it is impossible to list every food, this list should give you a good start. Remember that all air fryers are different and your air fryer may need a bit less or a bit more time than indicated. Always start with less time than you think you need as it is easy to add a few extra minutes if you have to.

Individual recipes may vary with both temperature and cook time, so always follow the directions on the recipe and use this chart as a base to creating your own.

Always remember food safety rules and test food for doneness before consuming. When cooking meat this can be done by inserting a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat.

Copy of an air fryer cooking times chart.

Click here to download your FREE copy of Air Fryer Cooking Times °F Version

Printable Air Fryer Cooking Chart in Celsius

Copy of an air fryer cooking times chart in degrees celcius.

We also have a copy of Air Fryer cooking times in degrees celsius!

Click here to download your FREE version of Air Fryer Cooking Times in °C!

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Tim Gil

Saturday 18th of February 2023

I wish someone would do a conversion chart on air fryers among themselves. A 2 quart air fryer will cook much differently than a 6 quart since everything is more concentrated in a smaller space and the air has less room to travel. I have done a little research, testing and comparison but it would be great if someone or (air fryer company) would really compare and make a chart, I am sure more than a few people have ruined a dish or two when up or down grading their machine.


Tuesday 21st of February 2023

It's true. All air fryers cook a bit differently. Wattage, size, and style are all factors. It would be interesting to see if a comparison is out there. I've done some comparison between my six qt and my dual drawer 10 qt (and using two drawers at once is entirely different again), but so far have not had enough time to properly document or try everything.


Saturday 12th of November 2022

Thank you very much for this chart. It is extensive enough to cover most of the things I eat. I was particularly grateful for the internal temperature for chicken. I check most things with a temperature probe (neat thermometer) and use that to adjust cooking times. It is worth noting that all air fryers are not the same. There are differences in wattage of the heating element and that would be a limitation on the achievable/sustainable temperature inside the air fryer. Another factor is the capacity of the air fryer basket. I bought mine (a Chinese clone) before understanding these things, so I appreciate your work on this chart.


Monday 14th of November 2022

Thank you for the thoughtful and kind comment. I'm happy you found the chart helpful.

John R Sack

Sunday 14th of November 2021

I was gifted a hand-me-down air fryer just to try out the concept, and it does not have temps over 350F. Is it usable/adaptable/convertable to use with these times and recipes? Are there some things that just don't work at 350F, or do I just need to add 10% to the time (385 vs. 350 is 10%) and use a temp probe?


Sunday 14th of November 2021

I think you should be able to make it work. Most of the things I cook are between 320°F and 380°F. For the items that ask for a higher temp than 350°F you will just have to add a few minutes to the cook time. It may take a bit of trial and error to figure out what's perfect, and it might not be the same for every item, but I don't think you'll have any trouble.

Kyle Forsythe

Saturday 18th of September 2021

Are the times and temps posted for bake or broil? Reason being air fryer we bought doesn't have seafood( fish, shrimp, etc.) listed.


Monday 20th of September 2021

All times and temps listed are for the air fry setting. This may be shown as air-fry, or air-crisp depending on the model you have. Some are shown as bake air-fry as well.